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What am I?

I am the UK's smallest duck.

Where do I come from?

I come from the Baltics and even as far as Siberia.



A bit about me

I mostly eat seeds in the winter, but you might spot me snacking on a tasty bug or two! I mostly feed in shallow water at night. If you see a large flock of ducks I am likely to be hidden amongst them.

Look out for my funky green eye make-up or if you are far away you can easily spot the yellow triangle on my bum.

Fun fact

A group of us is called a 'spring' as we suddenly take-off almost vertically when spooked. From a distance our chorus of piping calls sound like tiny bells being struck.

Local numbers

Our wintering numbers are relatively stable with counts peaking at around 6000 of us in January.

Conservation status

I'm  amber listed in the UK  

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