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What am I?

I am a wading bird.

Where do I come from?

Some of us spend our summer breeding season in the North West of the UK but others travel further from Iceland.



A bit about me

Shank is an old fashioned name for legs, and that's where my name comes from, my legs are bright red-orange in colour. I also have a redish beak which I use to find my food when I visit muddy, rocky or sandy shores. I like to eat molluscs and you might even see me jabbing my beak into the water to catch small fish. When I am flying my wings are a good feature to look out for, they have white edges which are easy to spot.

Fun fact

We have a very special trick when we feed... we tremble our feet to make the wet sand more fluid, this makes prey float to the surface so we can eat them.

Conservation status

I'm  amber listed in the UK .

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