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Why is the Strategy only mitigating recreational disturbance to overwintering birds between Oct-Mar and not breeding birds?

The Solent is internationally important for its wildlife interest and there are various protective designations including three Special Protection Areas. These SPAs have been designated predominantly for the protection of the large numbers of ducks, geese and wading birds which spend the winter on the Solent. Following much research on the recreational disturbance of Solent birds, the Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership was established to protect the overwinter SPA birds from the predicted increased recreational pressures from a rising local population, living in the planned new housing for the area. Whilst the focus of this work is on the overwinter birds, it is expected that the general messaging about being more 'bird aware' and making responsible choices when using the coast will be to the benefit of all coastal birds. In addition to the above, other projects already exist to safeguard the summer breeding birds, such as the RSPB's EU Life Roseate Tern Project.