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Brand and Communications Lead

Spencer Dawson joined the team this summer as the Brand and Communications Lead for Bird Aware Solent and has spent the past few months enjoying getting stuck into the role.

'In the past I've worked in marketing, design and communications in a range of industries including consumer goods, travel and publishing, but I feel I have found my calling striving to help bird life on our beautiful shores!

I have always been fond of wildlife and I care passionately about the environment which is what led me to a behaviour change role at Portsmouth City Council back in 2007.  The role was an eye-opener for me, hearing the issues of local people and I enjoyed problem solving and supporting the local community.  Fast forward 11 years and a few other roles, including managing a public engagement team and regeneration project management, and here I am!

The breadth of the role of Brand and Communications Lead is huge, and the opportunities are very exciting so I'm looking forward to working with our partners in the future and I'm very much excited for the return of our feathered stakeholders!

Outside of work you'll most likely find me getting muddy on a bike or enjoying the great outdoors with my wife and 2 daughters on a kayak or under a tent.'