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Social Media Highlights

For those of you who have followed, liked or engaged with Bird Awares' social media you may have noticed that our presence has grown impressively over the past year.

Growth on each platform can be put down in part through the engaging, informative and varied content that is consistently added, but also conversations play their part too.  Both online and in person conversations help to spread the net of our followers and those who regularly engage with our content, so please keep spreading the word and liking our posts!

April stats highlighted that Facebook followers were up by 53%, Instagram followers have risen by 44% and Twitter is up by 66% on last years' numbers.

On Twitter the highest performing tweet reached over 34,000 profile pages, was viewed over 9,000 times and engaged with (retweeted, liked or commented on) over 1,400 times.  The Tweet covered a real life struggle of the birds in their environment.  View the tweet here -

Facebook's best performing post reached over 8,000 people and was engaged with 654 times.  The post highlighted why being a ranger is so rewarding and fascinating.  See the post here -

Another post that received an excellent social media reaction was the Rangers version of '12 days of Christmas'.  View it here -

We are always looking for ways to increase our following and engagement so if you have something that you think would be good to broadcast please do let us know.  Alternatively why not follow us and see what you can retweet or share !