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September 2019 - Bird Aware Solent gets another feather in its cap!

Bird Aware Solent, an organisation that aims to protect coastal birds, has recently grown its brood by partnering with another group based in Essex. 

Essex Coast came under the wing of the Bird Aware brand this month so it can share the knowledge and honed experience that the Solent team have been growing since 2016.

Anna Parry, Bird Aware Solent Partnership Manager is thrilled with the development and comments, 'This is the first of what we hope to be many similar Partnerships joining the Bird Aware family.  As a larger team we can collectively achieve even greater public awareness of the important birds that share the coast with us'.

The birds that travel to both areas experience similar challenges with disturbance caused by different recreational activities along the coast.  The effects of this disturbance can lead to a higher mortality rate and Bird Aware Solent have been taking action through awareness raising and positive messaging to help reduce this.  The Essex Coast RAMS (Recreational disturbance Avoidance Mitigation Strategy) partnership realised the benefits in joining an award winning, established mitigation scheme and have now increased their presence through a dedicated website and an informative leaflet.

Shelley Blackaby, Planning Policy Officer at Colchester Borough Council, comments, "We all recognise the importance of spreading the message of conservation and protecting the living landscapes that enable wildlife to flourish. Working in partnership with Bird Aware Solent will enable us to share important information and strategies to provide better protection for sensitive bird populations in our coastal areas."

Claire Stuckey, Principal Planner from Chelmsford City Council, added, "Bird Aware Essex Coast partnership is delighted to join the Bird Aware brand with the launch of a new website. This will be a key tool in helping to raise awareness of the protected birds along the Essex coastline and in helping people to enjoy visiting the coast whilst giving the special birds space to feed, breed and rest."

The Essex RAMS partnership, which consists of twelve local councils, is aiming to positively influence the behaviour of people visiting its 350 mile stretch of coastline.  Councillor Seán Woodward, Chairman of the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH), which oversees Bird Aware Solent remarked, 'We are really pleased to have the Essex Coast team join the Bird Aware partnership.  The extension of Bird Aware will encourage the important messages helping to protect the birds, to spread quicker and further throughout communities.'

Visit to find out more about the birds, the partnership and how you can help.