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Events go from strength to strength

The summer season brings events big and small to the Solent and following a busy season, our attendance and engagement have been even higher that what we achieved last summer.

  • Rangers attended 29 events in 2019 compared to last year's 21.  This is an increase of 24% more than in 2018
  • At these events 3, 598 people were engaged with - which is up an impressive 31% from the previous year
  • To reach this number, Rangers managed to engage with an average of 14.5 people per hour, which is up from 11.17 per hour in 2018.

Some of the exciting events have included, 'Harbour Life' in the Spinnaker Tower, 'Dogstival' in the New Forest, The 'Kite Surfing Armada' on Hayling Island, 'Citizan Science day' at Royal Victoria Country Park and a pop-up event on the Wightlink Ferry.

Each event can bring a subtly different audience, so the team have become adept at tailoring their activities, display and approach.  The team has grown in 2019 and we have also been able to use new tools such as the branded gazebo and selfie frames.