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Meet Ranger Lizzie!

Hi, I'm Lizzie and I'm one of the Bird Aware Rangers this winter.

As part of our amazing jobs we travel around the Solent coastline, engaging with members of the public and raising awareness of the importance of this area for winter birds. We show people the birds through our telescopes, introducing the species and telling the stories of the incredible migrations they take to get here. Did you know that many parts of the Solent are internationally protected due to the populations of winter migrants?

We welcome the return of 125,000 ducks, geese and wading birds to our shores each year from the Arctic and they are pretty exhausted and very hungry when they arrive. It's our job to help people enjoy the coast while keeping the birds in mind and avoiding disturbing them while they rest and feed.

We would love to hear from you if you are a group interested in learning more about the birds in your area and talking to us about the ways your group can help them while you are out on the shore or on the water. We organise free talks, guided walks and other educational sessions to spread the message about how lucky we are to have the Solent on our doorstep. We know many groups have their own codes of conduct and would love to help you introduce some points about avoiding disturbance to wildlife. Being Bird Aware is really easy and helps us keep this part of the coast so special.