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31st March 2020 - Exercise Your Time For Nature

As it stands, current government guidance is for us to take a form of exercise, alone or with members of your household, once a day.  This could be a walk, a run, or perhaps a cycle; but what if you could get up close to nature at the same time? 

Quite rightly, exercise has been documented as vital in these changing times.  With spending time in nature also being recognised as beneficial for us to stay healthy (see our blog), why not combine the two?

This could be as simple as going for a walk around a park whilst taking time to appreciate the birds singing or taking a different public footpath to see what natural miracles you can connect with and lift your spirit.  Simple enough, but please dont take this lightly, it's really important to follow the guidance.

  • Maintain a social distance of more than 2m from others
  • Stay local and use open spaces near your home
  • Take one form of exercise a day away from the home

Nature with the young ones

If you have got children and are looking at some new ways for them to 'blow off steam' whilst getting a good measure of nature, here are a few ideas;

Pond dipping - All you need is a net and a large plastic container, and you can unlock a hidden world of underwater wildlife.  Coming face to face with a tadpole, newt or a dragonfly larvae is an encounter a child will never forget!

Make a nature collection - Children love to collect things so you can help them learn about the natural world by collecting feathers, pinecones, leaves, shells and twigs. Once collected, up make a collage, a picture or even a tower. Fun for all ages.

Find tracks and signs - With most either nocturnal or difficult to spot, mammals can be tough to get to know.  However, many will leave evidence and a good wildlife detective should be able to identify the tracks of deer, badgers and foxes.

Listen to a dawn chorus - Got kids bouncing out of bed before sunrise? Take them outside to listen to natures finest symphony.  Tickets are free and at this time of year you have a front row seat! Males will be out competing for territory and females in the annual mating game.

Additionally, if you are home schooling, we have pulled together a page of ideas - see here - to keep your young one's stocked up on natural knowledge.  If you have any other suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

Stay safe out there, and enjoy the gift of nature.