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Lockdown Learning

If, like us, you're new to home schooling, a whole new world has just opened up to you.

With lots of useful resources being offered by schools, dedicated groups and even celebrities, we'd like to help out too.

The natural world offers limitless opportunities to learn and it's also a great way to connect with our children whilst having fun along the way. 



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More activity ideas

Design a wildlife home - From hedgehogs to hawkmoths, and birds to bugs, lots of wildlife are waking up from hibernation and looking for a home. Do some research online and give them a helping hand building them a home!

Watch a wildlife webcam - Check out the secret lives of birds and animals.  What do they do when no one's watching? 

Get arty - try getting up close to bugs and insects in the back garden and sketching them? Or paint a garden animal, hedgehogs, robins and foxes all make great subjects!  See the download below for steps to draw a seal, a blue tit, a snail and a mouse. 

Make a nature collection - Children love to collect things so you can help them learn about the natural world by collecting feathers, pinecones, leaves, shells and twigs. Fun for all ages.

Listen to a dawn chorus - Got kids bouncing out of bed before sunrise? Take them outside to listen to natures finest symphony.  Tickets are free and at this time of year you have a front row seat! Males will be out competing for territory and females in the annual mating game! You can then try to identify the calls here -

Get creating - How about get the young ones to write a nature poem, song or story? Or maybe design a wild wordsearch or draw a maze or join-the-dots?  Brothers, sisters and parents alike will be amazed, astounded and baffled at the lines and puzzles that have been invented.

Find tracks and signs - With most either nocturnal or difficult to spot, mammals can be tough to get to know.  However, many will leave evidence and a good wildlife detective should be able to identify the tracks of deer, badgers and foxes. Take pictures of the tracks and research them online.

Pond dipping - All you need is a net and a large plastic container, and you can unlock a hidden world of underwater wildlife.  Great for young children who like to get messy, coming face to face with a tadpole, newt or a dragonfly larvae is an encounter a child will never forget!

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    Plus, look out for our #wildweekend posts every Friday on facebook and twitter for more nature based fun for entertaining at the weekends!

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