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Bird Aware lockdown update

Like many of you reading this, Bird Aware has been put in the challenging position to conduct our business away from offices and sites where others work and visit.  Additionally, as our positions are hosted in a variety of locations by different partners, it has meant that our systems and technology are subtly different.  Once again, like you, we are overcoming these challenges.

Work steadily continues in the partnership with elements such as site plans, website enhancements and enewsletters! Fortunately, the timing of the lockdown measures has meant that most of our winter birds had begun their journey back to their summer breeding grounds.  In every other season before this one, this means the end of coastal visits by the Rangers and the departure of our three seasonal Rangers.  Sadly the measures meant we didn't get a chance to properly say goodbye to Mark, Emily and David, but we are hopeful that we will be able to once everything has settled down.

Alongside our new working environments, some of us have gained some new co-workers to strategize with!  If working from home was new, home schooling is positively revolutionary.  Home schooling has affected thousands of homes across the Solent so we have pulled together some activities, links and downloads for home schooling in a new webpage.  The new 'Lockdown Learning' page focusses on nature based activities for all ages so children and parents alike can soak up the wellness benefits of nature and the variety of outdoor learning offers.

Partnership Manager, Anna Parry, adds, 'we've been relatively lucky with the timing of lockdown as it's coincided with when we enter a more desk based planning phase. We're keeping very busy and coming up with plenty of ideas for how we can still spread our messages and keep the birds safe next winter even if we can't speak to people on the coast. Do take a look at our lockdown learning section on the website, it's a great resource for helping you still feel connected with nature whilst you're keeping safe indoors.'