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Web development

Although our social media feeds get the daily reach to many people active on the internet, our website remains an integral element in engaging with stakeholders, housing developers and the public.  Over the last 12 months we have added to the site in several areas to help develop its appeal and maintain accuracy.

We have revamped the 'About the birds' section, updating images and written style as if the birds had written the pages themselves!  We've further built onthe 'Visit the Solent' section that we introduced in the newsletter section to offer more activitiesin different locations across the Solent. After the filming of our new video we recognised that we have produced lots of great material, but after its initial screening some of it has been confined to a computer drive somewhere!  So we created a new 'Media' Page that showcases seven of our videos including 'The story of a Brent Goose' and our iconic '12 days of Christmas'!

We have also continued to write fortnightly blogs which hopefully some of you have seen via our social media feeds.  Generally we aim to rotate stories about birds and then more general topics about the team or nature each edition.  Why not have a scan back through some here, and if you have any suggestions for future blogs please get in touch.

All this and the new 'Lockdown learning' section mentioned in our home-working story have helped us hit some impressive stats. For example, reached over 6800 new users during the 19 / 20 year with the website receiving over 32,500 page views - this is an increase of 21% from the previous year.  Also users spent 20% longer browsing our site from the previous year.