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July 2020 - Success in the Solent

Lymington-Keyhaven nature reserve is currently experiencing a great season for birds such as terns.  The Roseate Tern LIFE Recovery Project has recorded 10 different species of birds nesting in the reserve including avocet, lapwing, common and little terns.

The project is creating an environment where the birds can breed and Bird Aware Rangers have also been getting involved.  Bird Aware is a Partnership of Solent Authorities that helps to protect winter birds.  Their Rangers have been helping to monitor the birds and helping to establish what other measures can be put in place to aid future generations.

Thanks to some combined efforts, impressive results are now beginning to show.  So far nearly 30 pairs of avocet have successfully raised young and 23 common tern chicks have been counted.

Councillor Seán Woodward, Chairman of the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) - a body that oversees Bird Aware, remarks, 'These birds are under immense pressure from high tides, storms, predation and human disturbance. The number of chicks recorded highlight the significant work the organisations are putting in to make this project a success.'