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Lockdown Update

Like many other organisations we have having been flexing our muscles of manoeuvrability to meet the demands of both government guidelines and helping nature go about its business.  To make us more Covid secure we have put a number of changes in place which ensure we can maximise the mitigation we carry out.

Somewhat conveniently (for us) the first lockdown fell when the winter season was coming to an end, the second lockdown is different and it has meant that a number of changes have come into play.  For example, the team are not carrying out any face-to-face engagement with the public on coastal sites and targets have been reduced accordingly to reflect this. The change has also created more time for essential tasks like social media, setting up future public talks and working on signage projects.

During this winter when government restrictions are eased outside of lockdown our engagement approach has also been adapted. The site visits that Rangers now carry out have been split into two categories - 1: 'patrol' visits - these are where a Ranger is on site to make various assessments, but will not engage with coastal users; and 2: 'engagement' visits - these are visits where they purposefully interact with the public.  With the latter, the team now use a pop up event with signage to help ensure social-distancing is maintained. The public are invited to come and talk to us rather than us approaching people. To minimise the risk of spreading the virus via touchpoints we have invested in new technology to help people see the birds up close via a tablet that is connected to a telescope. 

We have embraced the changes as best we know how, but we are also looking forward to getting back to what we enjoy most - talking to people!