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Share Our Shores with wildlife

Some human activities can disturb birds from their natural behaviour. Often people cause bird disturbance without even realising.

When birds are disturbed, they stop feeding or resting and may even fly away. If the birds cannot feed and rest undisturbed, they will not have enough energy to survive. Many birds on our coast do not stay here all year, they migrate from different parts of the world to enjoy our special shores. Migratory birds need to rest and refuel when they arrive in the Solent and then spend their time here building up energy-reserves for their migration back. If they are not well rested and fed when they leave their winter home, they may arrive in their breeding grounds without enough energy to breed successfully - successful breeding seasons are essential to maintain population numbers.

Coastal users are helping birds thrive by:

  • Looking out for birds on the coast

  • Moving further away if birds become alert

  • Keeping dogs alongside them and away from birds

  • Following requests on signs to protect our coastal wildlife

Thank you.

If you are taking action to #shareourshores then use the hashtag on social media and help us spread the word!